From the people who specialise in providing the Automotive Trade with diagnostic support & training, your vehicle is in good hands. We guarantee our diagnostic ability - if we're wrong, we'll rip up the bill. We don't guess and we certainly don't throw parts at a problem.

The modern motor vehicle is considerably more fuel efficient and more complex than ever. We use manufacturer service standards as our starting point. Every vehicle gets the time and attention to detail demanded from our senior Technicians. We check the onboard computer system for performance and fuel efficiency at every service. You don't want any surprises!

When FUELTECH AUTOMOTIVE service your new car, your Manufacturer Warranty stays intact. We use manufacturer service standards as our base. When you entrust your vehicle to us, we treat you like we'd like to be treated ourselves. That means no horrendous bill, no comebacks, no shortcuts, and no Taiwanese parts.

While others treat the modern 4WD just like a "big" car, we know the particular requirements of the 4WD, because we've owned them for years ourselves. We know how important fuel economy and torque is, that they need their suspension thoroughly inspected every service, and automatics, transfer cases and diffs rely on clean, fresh oil. We know you wouldn't appreciate being stranded in the bush because someone thought "she'd be right".

We have a very simple philosophy: "If it doesn't go any better from when it came in, then it's NOT a tune-up." A set of spark plugs & a can of "stuff" in the tank is NOT a tune-up. At Fueltech Automotive you will feel the difference - guaranteed - or your money back.

We love working on cars and because we play with them a lot, we've found a lot of little tricks along the way to get the best out of your car. Here are a few recent examples:
  • A full DIS ignition and sequential injection system on a Ferrari GT4 with Haltech.
  • An improved exhaust/extractor package on a Gen.3 VY Commodore.
  • A "breathed on" VS Statesman V8 - crisper, nice engine note, plus 20Kw.
  • Enhanced VT brake kit onto VL Commodore Turbo - (big improvement).
  • Haltech E11 onto Subaru WRX - better than standard.
  • Hand made mandrill bent exhaust system on VS V8 Commodore (done lots).
  • Haltech E6GM onto Holden Jackaroo V6 - better fuel economy & response.